Friday, September 27, 2013

Next project - installing insulation in ceiling

Now that the solar project is wrapping up I am moving on to the next important project before it gets too cold, installing insulation in my ceiling.

Currently the inside of the house is unfinished. Insulation needs to be installed and then drywall or whatever I decide to do to the walls. My goal for now is to get the insulation installed so that the house is warmer this winter. Hopefully over the cold months I can work on getting some walls up and getting things finished inside.

I am going to be starting my project in the next couple of weeks as I need to wait to have access to a tall ladder to reach the ceiling. I have decided a long time ago that waiting is better than spending money on either purchasing a ladder or renting something. I really look long and hard at what things are worth spending money on and what things are not. Waiting is free. I also plan on asking for some help from friends and family. I think I can do this on my own but if I have help it will get finished faster. I think once I get started it will go fairly quickly.

So soon I will have another project marked off my list and then I will be on to the next.


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  1. One thing I have realized being on my own is that work projects can pile up on you. I was lucky enough to win a grant that covered insulation being put into most of my ceiling. One less project I didn't have to tackle on my own. I do wish I had purchased a ladder when I first moved into my house and had a little bit of spare money. I live on a quarter of an acre. I am not off the grid yet, but I do grow a large amount of my food. I am slowly moving that way. This spring I plan to make my own rain barrels.