Friday, September 27, 2013

Solar installation - getting it wrapped up

Thanks to my friend, Doug, we are getting ready to wrap of the solar upgrade project.

We have connected the new panels and the new charge controller. I need to install the breakers and fuses, once I order and get them, and I can call this project finished. So it will take about a week to get my parts. I hope to finish it up next weekend.

I think this is going to make a huge difference for me. My old system was over 12 years old, batteries are about 5 years old. The old panel was only 75 watts. I would have to use a generator to charge my batteries when it was cloudy or I would have to use my generator when I needed to spend a lot of time on the computer/internet. Now I have upgraded to a total of 470 watts and this should be enough for what I need for now.

I do need to test the batteries to make certain that they are still holding a charge and that I don't have any dead cells in them. I am hoping to upgrade the batteries this Fall/Winter but I have other projects that are ahead of this on my list.

So on to the next project: insulation.


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