Saturday, February 25, 2012

Decision made - moving on

I have lived off-grid for almost a year but I have always had a safety net. My house in northern Ohio. I knew I could always move back if I decided that things were too hard or rough living off-grid. Well that net is gone.

Last weekend I cleaned out everything in the house and will be getting rid of it in the near (I hope) future. It took me a long time to make this decision and it has been a little scarey and exciting. I am really happy that I have finally made it.

I worried about the place up north and I had to continue to pay bills for it even if I was not living there. Now I can focus on finishing my off-grid home and getting my gardens and other projects going. I am really happy that I have made this decision and I can move on to the life and future that I really want.

It is going to be hard but I have some really good people here and they are all willing to help me out and there is a sense of community for those of us living on the land that I don't think others will understand. We are experiencing or have experienced similar problems and issues and share our knowledge with each other. So there is a connection that others will miss out on. The nice thing is as soon as you make the leap everyone is really welcoming and are there to help.

So the new part of my life off-grid officially begins and I am going to enjoy the ups and downs that may come along just as I enjoy a good roller coaster ride.