Sunday, September 15, 2013

Installation has started.

My friend, Doug, came over Saturday and starting installing the lines to hook up my new solar panels. I am really excited to be increasing my solar power. I have been living with only a 65 watt panel and will be increasing to two 235 panels. This will greatly cut down the amount of time I have to use my generator to change the batteries when the weather is crappy and I hope to be able to add a few extras to my house such as DC ceiling fans.

I was not much help in the digging of the trench but was able to help get the wiring lined up and in the pipes that we buried. One problem that we ran into was wasps had made a nest in the wire box on the solar panel frame. We forgot to plug the hole when we installed it and the wasps moved in. Always good to keep a can of wasp spray handy.

Doug is going to come over this week and finish installing the charge controller and hooking up the batteries so hopefully by next weekend I will be running with more power and less use of my generator.


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