Saturday, August 24, 2013

Time to get the day started.

Lots of work planned for today. I have been going there a purging stage in which I have been cleaning out closets, drawers and papers. I have now decided to move to my large shed.

When I moved to my house I had a bunch of stuff from my basement and garage that ended up being put into the shed but not in an organized way. I know some of the stuff is not needed or will ever be used so it is time to get in and purge. I want to make the shed a place where I can actually work and do things in but right now I cannot even get into the door.

So I am off to discover all of the things I forgot I had and probably don't need. I will gift what I can to people and the rest I will put up on Freecycle for folks to take or I will take to the Reuse or Restore charities.

I will post before and after pics later.


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