Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeling pretty good

I had a pretty good weekend. I did nothing exciting but I got a lot accomplished this weekend.

For the last year or so I have just been pitching items into my large shed without really putting things away properly. It created a lot of issues when I was looking for things. I would know that I had something but would not be able to find it with out a lot of digging and wasted time.

So this past weekend I decide it was time to take control of the mess and get it organized. Luckily this weekend was great for this type of project. It was not too hot and there was no chance of rain. I started by pulling everything I could out of the shed into the yard. I really recommend do a massive cleanup in this way. You are not limited by space and you can really see what you have and since you have to handle it you are forced to deal with it and not just move it to another location in the building.

I felt really good by the time I was finished on Sunday. It took most of Saturday and about 3 hours on Sunday before I called it finished for the weekend. There is still things to address like how to get rid of a washer and dishwasher that I am not certain why I have. There are kitchen cabinets that need to be installed and lumber to deal with but I can access my tools and can see what other things are there and there is floor space that allows me to work in the shed that I did not have before.

So overall it was a good and productive weekend.


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