Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do you have an off-grid Bucket list?

It seems that everyone is talking about their Bucket list and what they have on it, what they want to put on it and what they have been able to mark off of it. This has gotten me to think about my off-grid Bucket list and what all I would want to have on it and how I would get things marked off.

Now my list would probably be huge and ever growing as I think of more and more things to add to it. The issue for me would be how to decide what item I would like to mark off. Do you come up with a plan and prioritized the list and decide to go from there or do you just see what opportunities present themselves and take them.

I think I will start my off-grid Bucket list with all of the things I would like to that are not required but would be nice to have in the future. First on my list - wood burning hot tub.


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